Acoustic Engineering Services


Jeremy Trevathan
Jeremy Trevathan, Managing Director of Acoustic Engineering Services, holds the degrees of Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, and Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering (Acoustics) from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Based on this work the Gib Rondo Quiet Stud was brought to market by Winstone Wallboards. International recognition was received for this work through publication in top tier journals. Jeremy has also undertaken work for BRANZ and the Department of Building and Housing relating to the acoustic requirements of the current New Zealand Building Code (NZBC), and the proposed revisions to Clause G06 of the NZBC.
Tracy Hilliker
Tracy Hilliker holds a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering, graduating from Canterbury University in 2001. Since then she has worked as a Mechanical and Hydraulics Engineer within the building services sector, and brings over four years experience to her role as an Acoustic Engineer. Tracy joined AES in 2007, and has gained experience in environmental noise assessment and monitoring, and continued to develop her skills in building services noise and building acoustics.
Clare Dykes
Clare has been with AES since June 2012, having graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a Masters of Building Science. The focus of her studies was users’ perceptions of buildings. She brings a knowledge of building performance design, an understanding of acoustic principles, and the effect acoustics can have on the occupants of a building. During her time at AES she has gained experience in environmental assessment and monitoring, Resource Management process, fundamental vibration and mechanical plant acoustics.
William Reeve
William joined AES in January 2012. A graduate of the University of Auckland, William holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours, bringing a knowledge of computational modelling and an understanding of fundamental vibration and acoustic principles. Since joining the AES team William has expanded his knowledge in these areas and added experience in environmental noise prediction, assessment and monitoring; and building acoustics measurement, modelling and calculation.